Visual Art

Before I found eco art, I explored many different art meduims such as painting, ceramics, and ameture photography. Some of my past work can be viewed here. My focus shifted to eco art when I painted the Speaking to Death eco art coffin in support of Natural Transitions and Green Burial Boulder County. The experience helped me understand the importance of honoring the end of life, and of creating art that can make a natural return to the earth. Now, I focus on hand-painting simple designs onto eco cremation urns. I use completely natural pigments that I mix myself. The urns are handcrafted by Nature's Casket in Longmont, Colorado. 

I currently offer two urn designs. Both feature trees: 

Simple brown tree 

Multi-colored aspens

On a limited basis I have created other types of designs that fit within my artistic style. Please see my eco urn gallery and contact me with any questions. 

Visit the Nature's Casket website to purchase an urn I have painted, or to purchase an unpainted eco urn or casket. 

Thank you.
I consider it an honor for my artwork to be a part of someone's end of life transition.